Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Bacon & Porkroll Go to the Store; Get Confused

There was a time I used to love the grocery store. It made sense -- an aisle of dairy, an aisle of ice cream, an aisle of tasty snack options. Times have changed. The grocery store is now a land of madness.

Last week Porkroll and I drove to Conshocken to visit the good people of Target and buy their well-priced, sweatshop-produced goods. We ended up buying cereal. We would have also purchased milk, but the milk made no sense and we had to leave. I like whole. Porkroll likes non-fat. Target has neither. Target has Jog, Fit, and Slim. What the hell is that? That's not milk. Jog? That's my Swedish uncle's name. Confused, we returned the cartons to their shelves and backed away. And so now, we have dry cereal. I'm never going outside again.